"I bought my weights from you
last year and they have done
the job... I may have done a bit
of advertising for you at the
show in
Sheridan Wyoming this summer... Only 8 tents left standing after some nasty mountain winds and mine was one of them... with only my weights,my tent was not staked into the ground."

Dawn, Kadoka S.D.

EZ-Weights System
Patented & Patent Pending


As a former outdoor exhibitor of exotic wood furniture I know first hand how frustrating it can be trying to secure a shade canopy in the event of inclement weather and still maintain an attractive and safe presentation.

Being prepared for the wind is always a challenge for anyone when the event is held outdoors as many of them are.  The importance of your client's safety and a presentation that enhances the value of your hard work can not be overstated.


Unfortunately, tent stakes, rope, sandbags and concrete blocks are too easy for the public to trip on; the latter are also difficult to move around.  Too often exhibitors find these methods to be ineffective just when they need them the most.  For many professional exhibitors it also seems silly to put all that effort into getting things to look their best only to surround it with a potentially dangerous obstacle course that's noticeably unattractive.

That is why so many artists and professional exhibitors continue to chose the EZ-Weights SystemTM for the many features not found in most other tent weights. 

The Patented EZ-Weights SystemTM can give your presentation that professional look and your clients a safer event experience

EZ-Weights System Advantages

Watch it work in the Dakota Badlands

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